Construction Monitoring / Supervision

Monitoring of the construction and calendar schedule.
Monitoring of the spent materials and the works performed.
Preparation of tender materials and analysis of tender results.
Monitoring of financial expenses incurred on construction.
Complete monitoring, supervision and management of construction.
Prepare cost estimate according to the existing project.
Revision of existing cost calculation and optimization of costs in construction process.

Constructive research

Constructive research of existing buildings.
Research / revision of existing constructive projects.
Research of individual elements of the building.
To strengthen and prepare standard constructive projects.

Architecture, Projecting, Design

Preparation of architectural and constructive project.
Preparation / correction of building and parcel red lines.
Placing the plot and building on the ground, preparation of a topographical plan.
Preparation of heating-cooling and ventilation project.
City Hall Architecture Website Registration and Project Agreement.
Preparation of documentation for public registry.
Preparation of documents to be put into operation of the building.

Complete construction service

Designing, projecting, preparation of all documentation, obtaining construction permission,
selection of materials, selection of suppliers, construction, put building in exploitation, Only thing you should
do is to make agreements with us about the key decisions.
Pre-agreed materials, design and calendar schedule will be strictly protected.