With at least 10-years experienced highly qualified specialists we offer our services at any stage of design and construction.
Free consultation is provided as well. 1m2 provides comprehensive construction management consulting services which help you
to increase the performances and quality of the work along with saving a large amount of financial resources.
Furthermore, 1m2 offers you:
1. Quality and finance monitoring of construction based on each client’s specific needs.
2. Involvement in every details and transparent processes.
3. Money and time saving.
4. Inspection and Quality Assurance
5. Project Preparation for tender and result analyzing.
6. Monitoring of quality, calendar schedule and budget limits.
7. Optimizing costs of construction process.

Special services offered for banking sectors and credit organizations which offers mortgage loans:
1. Revision of your client's project, documents and expenses before issuing loan
2. Processes monitoring and supervision.
3. Preventing and reducing risks.
4. Systematic reporting and comparative analysis.
5. Confidentiality of Information.